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The Jubilee Year and The Great Reset

The last Sabbath Year, or Shemita, ended on September 26th. As mentioned in a previous post, September 26th 2022 and the end of shemita (the sabbath year), numerous rather interesting events have taken place during the Shemita. Much focus has been on the very last day of the Shemita and many expected something special to go down on this day. So, what really happened on September 26th 2022? Did the US destroy the Nord Stream pipelines, supplying Germany and Europe with Russian gas, and thus effectively start World War III? And, did the British pound nearly go to zero?

The Shemita lasts for a year and the last one just ended. It gave us events such as a global financial crisis, energy and food crisis, uncontrollable inflation, not to mention the whole plandemic, the vaccination programmes, the destruction of the economies and so on. Globally, we’ve had the worst bond market in 300 years. This must have been the most eventful shemita in a very long time.

You might have heard the news, that it was Russia who sabotaged Nord Stream 1 and 2. If you consider this to be true, you might also believe that man managed to send people to the moon and back in 1968, for never to return as the technology was destroyed. Although it’s tempting to dwell on these issues here and now, let’s get on with the Jubilee.

Before we continue, I will just metion that the World Economic Forum was founded during the last Jubilee Year and that it’s great accomplishment, The Great Reset, is being launched during this coming Jubilee Year.

A Jubilee Year following every seventh Shemita

Last Jubilee Year was in 1972 and the last Shemita (which ended on September 26th this year) was the seventh Shemita since the last Jubilee. Thus, we just entered, or we are about to enter into the Jubilee Year, which could give assosiations to the more popular term The Great Reset.

The Jubilee Year is described in the Bible, and it also tells exactly when it starts:

According to Leviticus 25:9 a loud trumpet should proclaim liberty throughout the country on the 10th day of the 7th month (the Day of Atonement), after the lapse of 7 sabbaths of years = 49 years. In this manner, every 50th year was to be announced as a jubilee year.

So, according to the description in Levitivus, did the Jubilee Year start on the 10th of July this year, or does it start on the 10th of July in 2023? Details, but how can one consider that the Jubilee could have anything in common with The Great Reset?

The shift

There are already numerous books written about this thing called The Great Reset. It is a concept introduced by the World Economic Forum and it seems to be great only in it’s reach and in the force with which it is implemented. We are in a shift called The Fourth Industrial Revolution. AI has become powerful enough to replace human interaction. In many sectors, we are no longer needed, no longer wanted. Thus, for the ruling elite, there are currently far too many of us.

The concept of Universial Basic Income has been introduced, as an alternative as robots are taking over our jobs, but how many useless individuals are to be kept in stock? There is a great video, The New Normal Documentary, explaining how the still lasting pandemic plays a central role in this shift:

The Sarajevo Assassination on June 28th 1914 is said to have led to World War I (July 28th 1914 to November 11th 1918). In comparison, what should one think of the destruction of the Russian pipes transporting gas to Europe? They were destroyed the day after alternative pipes were opened to transport Norwegian gas through Ukraine and to Europe. How odd. And how odd that the head of Nato is a Norwegian politician, now aiding the US and Europe in shipping weaponry and billions of dollars and numerous other currencies to aid Ukraine in the war against evil.

How is it that people are blind to the fact that Europe are cut short from it’s vital energy supply and that the winter will be mean certain death to millions of people? The Game of Thrones line “Winter is coming” is awfully relevant as we are in mid October and the temperatures are decreasing.

It’s also flu season, but maybe they don’t have to play this card this year. We are all concerned about the war and how to remove Putin. It’s a good thing he is able to talk, so we can truly understand how evil he is. The US president is still hanging in there, which makes me want to mention how important it would be to grow our own vegetables to secure our own food supply – I will come back to this, probably in a later post.

So, The Great Reset is a shift into a reality where humans are no longer the workforce. We are idle, and in order to thrive, we have to come up with new meaning to our lives. We have virtual reality, gaming, TV, Tik Tok and more. Some might think that this isn’t enough. The coming years will probably be a time where people reconnect with their own spirituality. As the outer world becomes boring and a sad place to spend your time, most will let themselves be consumed by the artificial and virtual world opening up. Some will discover their inner world, their powers and also the greater world of the unseen.

The essentials

Instead of being consumed by the virtual and artificial, one could choose to expanding ones inner world. There are of course practial details, such as means to survive. Payment of rent, food and electricity, just to mention a few essentials. Winter seems to be coming for all of us, no matter where we are taking shelter. Germany seems to be worse off than many other countries at the present, but these things change. Funds, food, electricity and freedom – there are a few things that stand out as more important than other things.

At the same time that AI are taking over in the workplace and governments are increasing their control of the populations, it’s like we are going back in time. Being worried by the price and availability of electricity and food, when was that ever a thing in the western world? The vikings kept track of how old they were by counting the winters thay had survived. The didn’t count how many years they had lived, but how many winters. This mindset will probably return to many of us in the near future.

Claus Schwab is the founder of the World Economic Forum and he has also been it’s chairman sine he founded it in 1971 – the last Jubilee Year. 50 years have passed and he is now introducing The Great Reset. The Jubilee Year was a reset, but in a positive way. It was like a positive restart. When your PC, TV, your internet connection or what ever works poorly, you restart it for it to perform better. The Jubilee Year was like this. The Great Reset is marketed like a positive thing as well, but there is a desire of de-population within the ruling class. There are too many workers and we are lead to believe that there is a climate crisis caused by the claimed fact that there are too many of us population the earth.

It all plays very nicely together. Too many people cause climate change and food shortage, they way. World wide mass vaccination because of a dreadful pandemic, which really isn’t much different than the seasonal flu. Vaccines have so-called side effects, whice are a nicer way of describing known effects. Taking a vaccine may be described as buying a lottery ticket, where the actual effect is randomly picked among the available ones. The Pfizer vaccine had 9 pages of side effects back in 2020, before one had time to experience the long term effects of the vaccine. These Covid vaccines were introduced without the normal test regime. Definitions were altered, so that Covid-19 was made into a pandemic and mandatory vaccinations were carried out all over the world. And, if you got sick, you should self-isolate for a couple of weeks, just as if you had the flu. The sympoms of the pandemic was flu-like symptoms.

The Nurmberg Trials following World War II ended up with a set of rules for the future – rules that were surpassed when mass vaccination of an experimental drug was introduced.

According to Schwab and his great reset, we are entering into a future where we will own nothing and we will be happy. It is challenging to make this future seem tempting. It might be time to take action and do what we can to shape the future in a way that we would want the next generation to inherit it. This coming winter is going to be hard, but much can be done. In the post-apocalyptic novel “Those Who Remain”, we find the following statement:

Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.

“Those Who Remain” by G. Michael Hopf

One could say that we have been living through good times our whole lives, until now. Most of us will probably welcome Universal Basic Income with open arms. Then, when we are all on the payroll, the provider may introduce certain rules and restrictions in order to keep receiving the income. Nothing to worry about there.

This post is very relevant and it brefly mentiones a lot of things that are worthy of explanation and elaboration. Others have already done this. If you haven’t already had your eyes opened, give yourself a gentle slap in the face and start looking into things, start considering what is going on and decide on how you are to participate in current and coming events.

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