Investing in cryptocurrencies without having to do anything

Yes, of course it’s possible to invest in cryptocurrencies without having to do anything. That is, without you having to do anything. Someone always have to do something in order for anything to happen, but it doesn’t have to be you.

As I wrote in my previous post, A simple service, I recently figured out how I could offer cryptocurrency investing, without the investor having to do anything. Well, there is one thing he would have to do: He would have to deposit the money that he wants to invest. But, that’s it. Nothing more is required.

And, as I also mentioned in my previous post, there is not startup fee, no fixed costs – the only cost, is a percentage of the monthly gains earned through the service. Quite amazing, right?

The crypto universe is already big, and it’s expanding. Endless possibilities are opening up, not just for investing. The picture above is from a beach just outside Lagos, Portugal. My beloved Yuleis and I went there a few days ago, and it was another amazing trip. During out trip, I several times used cryptocurrencies for payment. This was a dream just a couple of years ago, but now this is easy. You simply swipe your card, and instead of using euro or other fiat currencies, you use crypto.

If you share my belief, that cryptocurrencies in general will outperform other currencies in the years to come, wouldn’t it be smart to have your money stored in cryptocurrencies instead of other currencies? At least now, when you can use cryptocurrencies for payment, simply by using your cryptocurrency-backed MasterCard.

What’s particularly interesting by Portugal, is that it has one very significant advantage for cryptocurrency investors: There are no taxes on the gains. This even goes for companies. Anyone can set up a company in Portugal and do their cryptocurrency investing through this company. This way, the taxes are gone. There are several other ways to achieve the same outcome, but this is one alternative within the EU.

On the throne, for now, we have El Salvador, where Bitcoin now is legal tender, alongside the US dollar. The little nation is actually mining Bitcoin, using vulcanic energy. El Salvador has done several adjustments in their money politics over the last couple of years, and is likely to gain massively from this in the times ahead.

Cryptocurrency is the new money. We have old money, like silver and gold. They still have value, but they are very ineffective when it comes to transactions. Then we have the normal money, the fiat currencies, like the US dollar and the euro. Most of us don’t experience how ineffective the fiat transactions are, but that is because there are no real money being transacted – just numbers.

It isn’t so that there exists a USD in coin or paper, matching the amount of USD held in accounts all over the world. Just a very small percentage of the USD has a physical representation. Back in 2017 the amount of physical USD was about 7% of the total. That was before the pandemic and the mind-boggling amount of USD that has been printed during the last few years. Printed, as in numbers being added. The printing of money used to be a physical thing, but it no longer is. When the bank creates a new mortgage for a client, no physical money is being printed, but new numbers are added to the total amount.

Still, even if the normal money mostly is digital, we might experience how ineffective it is – for example when paying to, or receiving payment from another country. Right now, the Russian ruble is taking a huge blow, due to the war. The EU and US are issuing sanctions, and people rush to the banks to withdraw their money – in fear of the banks freezing the accounts. Yes, this is a real thing. It has happened before, and it will happen again. This is one of the many bad things about national currencies – the nations decide how and when it can be used and transacted. Money is, amongst other things, a weapon of war.

For cryptocurrencies, this is very different. There is no nation ruling a cryptocurrency. They try, they ban the use of cryptocurrencies here and there, but it has little effect. They would have to close down the entire internet in order to stop the transactions, but that would send us back to the Middle Ages. If we were to embark such a journey, money wouldn’t be our biggest problem.

I wrote a little on what I expect for 2022 in a previous post, Predictions for 2022, but the point I’m trying to make here, is that cryptocurrencies are actually better than other currencies – both the old and the normal. It’s the future, yes, but it’s already better and safer in many ways.

Because of this, everyone should be invested in cryptocurrencies. And, because I know many never will, because they woun’t invest the time and energy necessary to understand how to get started, I set up my service. There are lots of ways to get started, without having to use a lot of effort, but this is my way of offering an easy entrance to what I think is not only rewarding, but actually quite important.

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