How to make money in this booster reality

Now that the pandemic has been going on for a couple of years, people around the world are starting to realize that life isn’t going to roll back to normal any time soon. When it all started, I had one big advantage, that helped me navigate. However, I also had one big disadvantage, that slowed me down drastically.

My big advantage was that I knew what was going to happen down the road:

  • Measures taken in one country would spread to other countries, and we would all have to suffer.
  • China would seem to be one of the only economies to grow throughout this period, as the western economies would all be destroyed through restrictions and the printing of currency.
  • The newly printed currency would be presented as a good thing, but most of it would be given to those who already had the most and it would cause inflation in the prices of goods and servies.
  • The stockmarkets would continue to rise, so that people who already had money would get richer, while the rest would get poorer – much poorer … they would end up owning nothing (see video).
  • Due to measures taken by our governments, people would loose their jobs, and small and medium sized businesses would disappear.
  • Those who refused to take the jabs would be excluded from society. There would be mandatory, regular vaccines in order to participate in society and in order to be allowed to make money (they are now planning for booster shots every three months).
  • The very vaccines would secure that people continued to get sick and the number of deaths would increase and people continued to take their booster shots. Throughout this period, the unvaccinated would be blamed and held responsible for the fact that the pandemic wasn’t ending.
  • Governments and media all over the world would have one voice for all things related to the pandemic. People would be filled with fear; fear of war, fear of the unvaccinated, fear of new variants and fear of each other.
  • Through taxation and fees, combined with the loss of jobs and inflationary prices of goods and services, most people would end up living on social benefits.
  • Cryptocurrencies in general would rise in value and people could get rich by investing in the right ones.
  • In order to keep a sense of freedom, you would have to escape society and create a world of your own, not being dependant on social benefits. There would be more freedom in the countryside than in the cities.
  • Those who opposed the governmental advice would be alienated and disliked by all those who followed them.
  • Those who spoke the truth about these matters would be silenced and increasingly harder to find.

Like I mentioned in my previous post (A meaningful life), I woke up to see these things in advance of the pandemic. I gathered my information elswhere – not from the mainstream media, who are controlled by those who control most things in our societies. In many ways, I was already free from the powers polluting our minds.

But, at the same time, I also had a big disadvantage: I was broke.

I didn’t have any money. I used to be quite wealthy, but I had to lose all my wealth in order to wake up. The school of life can be very expensive, but it’s also very rewarding.

So, with this knowledge, combined with my big disadvantage, my solution was the following:

  • Relocate from the city to the contryside, in order to secure my freedom.
  • Reduce all costs not absolutely necessary, in order to improve my finances.
  • Become more self-sufficient when it came to food, in case of supply problems.
  • Invest the little I had in cryptocurrencies, in order to create new wealth.
  • Make sure I had a reasonable internet connection, so that I could work remote and earn money.

Simple steps, really, but very important. What’s been added to the solution later on, as I have managed to accomplish many of the targets in my list, are the following:

  • Evolve, by re-connecting to the world not seen with the two eyes.
  • Focus on those nearest to the heart.
  • Focus on love and happiness.

So, my life has definetely changed. My advice to anyone who reads this post, would be to focus on freedom, love and happiness. It may sound like I was nominated for “Miss World” and was asked to name my targets, what I would want to change in the world if I won. Silly, really, but no.. It is extremely hard to wake up, usually quite painful, but at this moment in time, I guess more and more people will experience the right amount of bad to actually wake up. I not talking about the leftist woke movement – that’s rubbish. I’m simply talking about opening ones eyes.

Well, a practical advice would be to get into cryptocurrency investing. This is still an opportunity of making riches for those who doesn’t already have the desired amount of money. I am not rich yet – not like I used to be – very far from it. Well, I am actually a whole lot richer in many ways, but when it comes to money I’m not. What’s important though, is that I’ve managed to get by, I’ve managed to create a solution for myself and I’ve managed to focus on those I truly love and I’ve also – after many years – started to evolve again.

If you would like to get into cryptocurrencies, feel free to reach out to me. I cannot promise you riches, but I can try to help you reach your goals. Anyways, it’s Christmas Eve … at least the morning of Christmas Eve … so … Merry Christmas … and the best wishes for the times ahead.

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