A meaningful life

Like most people, I’ve spent the most of my life living inside the “box”. It’s quite comfortable to be a part of the whole, the everything; it’s easier to just tag along and let the surroundings circumstances direct your choices, your actions. Later on, decades later, I realized that the normal life is the product of a system put together to sustain the system itself. Within this system, most of us will never be able to experience the ultimate version of our lives, of ourselves. The reason, is that the system is not shaped for you – on the contrary, you are being shaped for the system. There are those who benefit from this seutp, but you’re most likely not among them.

One can argue that it’s a marvellous mechanism, where we are sent into the educational system at a young age, being let out in time to enter into one of the predesigned careers, more or less in line with our dumbed down capacities. During our education, we are shaped to know, feel and think just like the others. Opinions are being shaped; we are being shaped. Those who thrive within these structures, tend to perform better than those who don’t seem to fit in. The system creates a huge number of people who end up getting by on various social benefits, unable to create a life worthy of the great creation that a human life is. How can this be?

I used to think that people who had been through a long education, were usually smarter and more intelligent than others. By all means, I know of a large number of very smart and intelligent people who have grand and lengthy educations … but I also know of a great number of great people who don’t. It’s not about which studies we attend, but how we allocate our precious time. Thus, after long years lived, my understanding shifted and I now see those highly educated more as people successfully integrated into the system, with an advanced – or at least highly trained – capacity of memorizing what they are being taught … for shorter og longer periods of time. They are not premarily great thinkers, but rather great memory banks – at least until the exams are passed.

OK, this might seem a litle anti-intelligence … I think that intelligence is the prime quality of any person, combined with his compassion, his love for others. You ought to take care of yourself, in order to be able to care for others … but this is like a means in order to reach the goal.

I used to be quite a good student and my first career was as a teacher. It almost felt like being an oracle, somewhat divine, and the pupils consumed all that I had to offer – inspired or not. Later, I spent a few years in IT and finance industries, and after being in the system for about four decades, a number of things stood out as quite odd to me. For example, the lack of economic competence in the general population. How odd..

Such a basic skill in any kind of society, but most people don’t understand basic economics … and, thus, they never manage to accumulate any riches. I ended up writing a book about basic economics, where I focused on how people could improve their economy with a few, simple steps. If you haven’t already read it, please do so … well, it’s in Norwegian, but it’s still a bargain – with today’s energy prices, it would light any fire to keep you and your loved ones warm.

The problem, I realized, is that people are purposely being dumbed down through the educational system. They are set to learn, or memorize, a whole lot of useless information, while useful skills and what ought to be common knowledge are being left out, such as a basic understanding economic principles. I left the teaching career after a couple of years, but while I was still teaching, I spent a lot of time with those who didn’t fit in, focusing on figuring out what triggered them … and watched them prosper..

There seems to be a very simple reason behind all this – why we’re not being taught what we ought to be taught; it’s easier to manage, or control, a population with a high degree of conformity. If you think of our society as a great anthill, it may seem perfectly logical and sencible to try to shape each individual into a worker with a predetermined place in the anthill. The problem, of course, is that each of us have endless more potential than an ant and most of us end up not utilizing it. Thus, we live lives in poverty, yes poverty … independent of the amount of money we manage to accumulate.

Those who want to create their own anthill, are destined to run into problems. There are those who seem to be above the system – certain individuals and families, who get to live very different lives than the rest of us. Diversity is desirable, but the problem is that it’s very difficult for the “normal” individual in the anthill to break out and create his own life. There is a number of things that he normally doesn’t understand – like basic economics. He has learned that mathematics and economy is difficult and better left to the institutions of the system. In the west, we have also lost all connection to any beings of higher intelligence than ourselves. Yes, intelligence … most of us no longer believe in anything that is not seen with our two eyes. The mystery and the magic … it’s gone, and all that’s left is the material world, things. We are raised, shaped, with the desire to own a home, but as soon as this goal is reached, we’re trapped with mortgages and numerous fees. By the way, just on the fun side of things, did it ever occur to you, that the word mortgage is somewhat similar to mort gage, or death cage, and gorvenment might be split into govern and ment(e), as in mind control? Silly though, just as like a TV program was a thing designed to program our thoughts … well, what ever … as we advance within the system, it gets increasingly harder to break out. It’s like we’re … as the times pass by … are being sucked in..

Because of this – at least partially – people who manage, or end up, breaking out of their predetermined life, do this during times of great difficulties. Like me, when I managed to become the enemy of the banks and their regulators. One could think that, in such a situation, by becoming the enemy of the banks, that the regulators might turn up to cheer me on and become my prime supporters, but no … that would be in what we could call a perfect world … well, I had spent years creating a very successful claims management company, and we had helped our customers retrieve huge amounts of money from those who had robbed them (primarily Norway’s largest bank, the partly (34%) state-owned bank, DNB).

Within the system, this couldn’t stand. A simple man, who rallies a few likeminded to go against the institutions? What a joke! I didn’t realize it back then, but I had created a disruptive mechanism … my company was helping the population in their struggle against the very pillars of our society – the financial institutions. The successful life I had created for myself and my loved ones, it was torn asunder … and I ended up finding myself in what seemed to be an endless, dark tunnel.

I can look back on all the sacrifices, the hours, days, weeks, months and years, that I sacrificed to accomplish all this … but during this time, it was all for nothing … if I didn’t post anything on social media for a day or two, people tried to reach me in every way possible, just to make sure I was still breathing.

Friends are everything, but … what a great time to open your eyes and take a look around. I had already started operating outside of the box, by creating a disruptive mechanism. I didn’t see it back then, but I think the driver was my perception of right and wrong, and the urge to contribute where I saw it possible. Throughout my education, I often found myself in opposition to certain ideas and regulations, but it was first when my companies collapsed and my wealth was lost … it was then that the curtain was pulled away and I saw a few things more clairly.

Most people don’t have to endure such struggles. How wonderful … but it also makes it much harder to see the system for what it is – a self sustaining mechanism, where we are all shaped to fit in. No wonder we aren’t taught basic economy in school. No wonder individual religious experiences has been removed from our lives. The religion that exists, is the ribbed version, the one shaped to secure the existing structures. The spiritual connections, the magic, the miracles … it has no place within these self sustaining mechanisms.

So, then … what is the meaning of life? Can you answer that without focusing on objects, things? Your family, your children … of course, but are you focusing on their education and their access to material goods? What happened to joy and your inner riches? Pursuing knowledge and skills that trigger us; do we any longer allocate time for such activities? Do we spend time enjoying the miracles of nature? Do we encourage our loved ones to do so? It would seem fair to assume that those who do, will be able to enjoy a richer life than those who don’t.

Through my different careers, I’ve learned that I’m able to create wealth. Not great wealth, not like those who enjoy the life on the very top of things – at least not so far … actually, I feel like I’ve been quite poor for a few years … how odd … but even though, I’ve managed to create enough “riches” to enjoy a nice life.

My definition of a nice life used to be more linked to monetary riches, while it’s now more linked to personal experience, personal development … and being able to spend time with those that I truly love.

Such is life … it changes along the way. What seemed to be of great importance, fades off and is no longer of any interest. Certain things that was always there, in the outskirts of it all … they seem to grow into importance and consume a portion of your time, in order to be fulfilled. Well, that’s life … and as we go down that river of time, we pick up a few things. For example, I used to pay attention to my enemies … now, I’m on the lookout for new opportunities..

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