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Relocating in order to secure freedom

During the first lockdown here in Spain, which lasted for about a hundred days, I spent a lot of time pondering – and sometimes posting – about the forthcoming effects of all the crazy and inhumane decisions and actions made by governments all over the world.

It kind of felt like I was in a small privileged group of people, being able to see the whole picture way before anyone else. In many ways this was amazing. I was able to rearrange my life and adapt to future circumstances before they came into effect. This power of this clairvoyance brings numerous opportunities.

The drawback, of course, was my current situation when this power was bestowed upon me. There were numerous things I could do to improve the situation for myself and all the people I cared about, but I was broke. On the other hand, most people didn’t seem to catch up. They went on with their lives, following every governmental advice, however crazy they were. All the media in the world seemed to have one angle, one voice. The regulations seems to come in waves, but everyone just swallowed it all. It was amazing to see how all conversations seemed to be about the one topic that filled everyone with fear. No one noticed that any critical voice was being silenced. Now, after deleting all critical channels, YouTube has even taken the step to remove the thumbs down button.

For a long time, I felt unable to take advantage of my knowledge. Earlier, when I reached a new understanding of a matter, I had means to put it into effect. Now it felt like I spent most of my time just getting by. I knew I had some time though, as people didn’t seem to have an idea of what was going on.

So, I put a few things in motion. Some of them were very well timed, others were premature. For instance, I prioritized to relocate. During the first lockdown, I was living in an apartment by the beach in a Spanish seaside town in Costa del Sol. Normally, this is great, but not when you’re not allowed to leave your home. All common areas were closed, so the gardens, the pools … everything was off limits. As I foresaw that there would be new lockdowns – even though everyone ridiculed the idea – I decided on moving to a place where I could enjoy freedom even through a lockdown. The ideal place would be a small farm, what is called a finca in Spain.

It took me a long time to make this plan a reality and as time went by, I got increasingly nervous that I might not be able to relocate before the new lockdown came into effect. Finally, after a little more than a year, I could leave the seaside town and settle in a beautiful finca a short distance north of the many beautiful seaside towns of Costa del Sol. My new home is in the mountains and my sea view is replaced by a mountain view – or a view of mountains. They are like waves, like a photo of an ocean. I find it just as calming as the sea view I’ve been used to for the most of my life, but I must admit that I love the see the beaches of the coast everytime I head down to the busy cities – which isn’t that often. I moved to the finca in September 2021 and just a few weeks later, new restrictions were put into effect all over the world.

Moving to the finca wasn’t my only goal, but it was an important one. I now have space to feel free, no matter the degree of lockdown. I also have room to welcome my family at any time. In the times ahead, my finca will be like an oasis of freedom, which was exactly what I was planning for.

Another very important goal, was to secure my economy … or more correctly, to rebuild it. I will write about this in a future post. Have a great day everyone.

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